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Seashells, Barnacles and Sand Dollars

This month we look to the sea for seashells, barnacles and sand dollars.  The world is full of diverse creatures and while some are similar, no two are quite the same.   This selection was both bought and found.  Some shots were discovered on casual strolls next to the surf. We highly recommend beaches as  prime spots for scenic getaways and prime photographic opportunities.  The Bengals didn’t understand our interest, but gamely tried to play along.

Seashells are defined as ” the shell of a marine animal, especially a mollusk”.  These are different than barnacles and sand dollars.  Barnacles are a marine crustacean with an external shell that attaches itself permanently to a variety of surfaces.  Sand Dollars on the other hand are flattened sea urchins that live partly buried in sand feeding on detritus. So a seashell is a more general term to cover pretty much any hard structure protecting a marine organism, barnacles are the actual animal living within a shell that attach themselves to pretty much anything and everything, and sand dollars are the rather pretty little animals living in the sand eating whatever is left.

First our favorite beach picture taken at Seaside Oregon.

Seaside through the seashell

[This was shot with the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens  just a few inches from the shell.  With the wide angle, the beachhead and a little of Seaside is framed in the background.  The Canon 60D’s fold out viewfinder lets you put the camera on the sand w/o laying down in the water with it.] (more…)


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